Information at Your Fingertips

As owners of companion animals, we understand that new circumstances or concerns often lead to many new questions and we want to help.

Pet Care Education

Pet Care Education

As professionals in animal care, we know that sometimes you want the freedom to explore information at your leisure in the privacy of your own home. In light of that, we have assembled a variety of informational articles and videos here for your education and convenience.

Always remember: this is general information; each article is a brief overview of a topic. For in-depth answers to specific concerns about your pet, please call or talk to us at your next appointment.

Special Offers

  • Did you know that Ballton Animal Hospital has a referral program?

    \"\"If you think your friends, neighbors, and family member's pets would be well served at Ballston Animal Hospital, print out the picture below and pass them out. For each new client that comes in for an appointment, you'll earn a $20.00 credit on your account (and the new client will receive a $20.00 discount on their first bill). Be sure to fill in your name along the line provided so we can credit your account appropriately. There is no limit to how much you can earn!

    As additional incentive, we will do a drawing on July 3rd from all the new client cards turned in and the winners (both new client and current client that referred) will receive an additional $150.00 credit on their account!