Our Online Pharmacy

With the increased popularity of online shopping and rising costs of every day living, Ballston Animal Hospital respects our client’s choice to search for the best possible price on pet supplies and medications.

Online Pharmacy Information


It is important to know that many medications have strict storage and transportation requirements. Most drug manufacturers will not supply the majority of internet pharmacies or pet stores so the source of the medications found online is questionable. In addition, manufacturer medication guarantees are not honored if products are purchased from an unauthorized source. Please understand that it is not our intention to discourage clients from purchasing medications elsewhere, but simply to educate them about reputable online pharmacies that offer safe products at competitive prices.

The two companies we do recommend are USDA licensed and are supplied by the same manufacturers that provide us with our medications. You may visit their websites at www.vetsfirstchoice.com or www.vetsource.com. The Online Store link on our website is linked to VetsFirstChoice. We can also pre-approve your prescription online during your visit.

After registering for an account and listing Ballston Animal Hospital as your veterinary office, you will be able order medications, diets (prescription and non-prescription), and many other supplies (treats, toys, etc.) which will be shipped right to your door. Any time an order is placed for prescription items from these 2 sites, our staff receive an email which allows us to start the approval process immediately (no more faxes lost in transmission!). Approval process may take 24-48 hours so please give us a call if there is an urgent need for your pet’s prescription and we can expedite the process for you.

For more information about online pharmacies, you may find the FDA regulations on online pharmacies at http://www.fda.gov/animalveterinary/resourcesforyou/animalhealthliteracy/ucm203000.htm

Thank you for your ongoing trust in our services and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call 703-528-2776 or email us staff@ballstonanimalhospital.com.

Special Offers

  • Did you know that Ballton Animal Hospital has a referral program?

    \"\"If you think your friends, neighbors, and family member's pets would be well served at Ballston Animal Hospital, print out the picture below and pass them out. For each new client that comes in for an appointment, you'll earn a $20.00 credit on your account (and the new client will receive a $20.00 discount on their first bill). Be sure to fill in your name along the line provided so we can credit your account appropriately. There is no limit to how much you can earn!

    As additional incentive, we will do a drawing on July 3rd from all the new client cards turned in and the winners (both new client and current client that referred) will receive an additional $150.00 credit on their account!