Caring for Your Senior Pet

We assist you in helping your pet live a long, happy, and healthy life from birth through maturity. As our pets age, we may see a variety of changes taking place, including a general slowing down. Major senses—sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell—can become dull, as well as the animal’s response to stimuli. This slowing down is often subtle and might even escape your notice.

Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Your aging pets may also exhibit age-related cognitive and behavioral changes. Regular senior health exams can help catch and treat these problems before they become overwhelming.

Our senior exam may include:

Our goal is to prolong the high quality of life your pet deserves and we tailor your pet’s wellness care to match his or her current health and life stage. And when it is time to discuss end-of-life issues, we can make a plan that supports the dignity of your pet while accommodating your needs and wishes. Visit our Pain Management and Hospice and Euthanasia pages for more information.

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